January 19, 2018


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   Putting out a fleece, Agnes was certain that Sam was God’s will for her, and was disappointed when Sam said in no uncertain terms that she was wrong. 
  “Lord, how could You have allowed my expectations to be crushed?” She cried.

  Sylvester had also had his share of disappointments and was no longer in a hurry to be in a relationship. He had some growing up to do. 

  They became friends, and when she fell in love with him, she wasn’t sure she stood a chance. He loved her however, and proposed to her, fulfilling her desire, but God still had another surprise in store for them- an icing on their wedding cake- proving to them again that He could be trusted.

In this interesting and inspiring novel, My Desire, you will realise three things among several: fleecing is an unreliable way of knowing the will of God, you should not stop dreaming just because you had a nightmare, and God can always be trusted.




In this very interesting novel, SHIPWRECKED WITH YOU, you will understand the true meaning of the Bible verse: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.


Lola did not give Bori a child but she gave him peace, prayer, and support. However, when things became better for him, he decided to cheat on her with her staff, Aneh.

Now that Aneh was pregnant, what should she do?
What should Bori do?
And what should Lola do?
That was before Lola became pregnant.

You will learn the power of prayer, choices, forgiveness, and God, in this very interesting novel – The Sea of Regrets

The One For Me

Blessing, a widow with a child was not in a hurry to bind herself to a man after the bad experiences she had in her first marriage.

Kenny had also had his fair share of life’s challenges and depended more on God, only for love to spring a surprise on them when they least expected it.

Each believed that the other was the right one but how would they convince Kenny’s mother about it?

You will learn how to know who the right one is, about proper parenting, the power of prayer, and the power of love in this very interesting novel – The One for Me.

Real Answers, Real Quick! – for Couples

This book – Real Answers, Real Quick! – for Couples gives answers to some of the numerous questions that the author has been asked about marriage and parenting, to give sound and godly direction to those who need it.

Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Jite, although a Christian, lived by her rules, deceiving and being deceived. She eventually realised that when some things in life don’t add up, it is time to do away with some things. She decided to do things differently in order to get a different but better result.

Tonye was looking for a godly woman who sincerely loved him but where was she? While in Nigeria, he met a childhood friend, Jite. He was definitely falling in love with her but why should a US-based movie star consider marriage to a school teacher in Nigeria?


You will learn how to confront your challenges and receive the mercy of God in this very interesting novel Is It Me You’re Looking For?

In Love For Us

Have you ever been heartbroken or hurt by the one you fell in love with? IN LOVE FOR US is a Christian romance novel that deals with how to handle past mistakes and learn to forgive the one you love in order to move on with the relationship.

Ben, big brainy and bashful looking was just settling down to a life of comfort when Tolu, a shadow from the past breezed into his life looking for the mother of all favors- job! Torn between professional and personal decision, it seemed Ben had made a mistake in employing her, or so it appeared until one event after the other began to unfold that threatened Ben’s comfort, peace, and future…

With This Ring

A single mother in her forties, Ibie James, wanted a certain kind of man to marry: good and godly, but where was he and how could she get him when there were many much younger ladies also single and searching? She believed in miracles but could it happen in her case?

Femi Crowther, a widower with two teenagers, hadn’t enjoyed his first marriage but being a pastor, he hid that fact well from people. Determined to get it right this time, he was looking for a good woman, not necessarily for children but companionship.

Albert Asika, a journalist, went to church when he had time but he didn’t care much about living a good and godly life. He followed his will and pleased himself until he found himself in a situation he did not bargain for. Whose way would help him: his or God’s?

Heady and stubborn Grace Adejoh ignored the voice of reason and started a relationship with a man knowing fully well that she might be playing with fire. She soon discovered that fire could burn. Who would quench the fire?

********** Learn about the mercy of God, the importance of choosing the right partner, and that there is hope for you, in this suspense-filled and heart-warming romance novel With This Ring

To Love Again

TO LOVE AGAIN is a must-read Christian romance novel that deals with widows and widowers finding the perfect person God has in store for them, and how God really feels about marrying someone who is widowed or divorced.

Tragedy struck when Pete’s wife died. His world came crashing down and he became a single parent most unexpectedly. Would he be fortunate enough to have a good marriage twice over or find someone to love again? Bibi had also had her own fair share of disappointments. If she couldn’t compete with a living woman and win, how could she compete with a dead woman? Concerned, she told Pete, “You’re making me feel that I’m competing with her!” Some things must change.

This Time Around

Interracial marriage! A taboo or God’s will? Grab a copy of THIS TIME AROUND and find out what God’s thoughts really are on marrying someone who is of a different culture, and knowing how to deal with disgruntled relatives.

Antonio, a tall handsome talk show host was the last person Misan expected to see at the cruise- and it seemed he had not changed a bit. Well, she had, really she had and she was going to prove to him that he had not succeeded in breaking her. Antonio was trying to make her know that things were now different with him and in the process, he discovered her secret – to Misan’s dismay. But what left her speechless and confused was his sudden marriage proposal. How could they get married after the complications that happened as a result of the last cruise? What was God’s will concerning inter-racial marriage? How could she be sure that the marriage would work, when some of such marriages had failed?

Tears On My Pillow

TEARS ON MY PILLOW shows the struggles of a failing marriage with an unfaithful husband and how Moni and Fred had to rebuild the foundation of their marriage that was initially without God.

“The home is supposed to be a place of rest but what do I have? A place of hell!” Fred told Moni in fierce anger. “I don’t look forward to coming back to the house at all!”

Moni shared his opinion. The marriage was a big mistake and she’d had enough. She had jumped into a relationship with Fred and had married him because he had been an ‘okay guy’ who made her happy, but all that did not seem relevant now! Onome could have him as the marriage was over, or was there something that could still be done to save it?

Rescued by Victor

Victoria knew many things but didn’t know how to make her twin brother Victor like her. Would there ever be a solution to these brother-sister quarrels?

“Something is wrong.” She thought. That was before she ran into a serious problem. Who would rescue her?

********** Children will learn about tolerance and love in this book, Rescued by Victor.

Oh Baby!

OH BABY! Is a Christian romance novel about a pastor and his wife who have to overcome the challenges of barrenness and forgive the infidelity in their marriage. Learn how to build a broken relationship and deal with child bearing issues.

“You don’t have to have a child to be happy!” Richard told Tammy. What’s he talking about?- She wondered when she believed she was meant to be a mother. But month after month as she failed to conceive, her confidence dwindled, so did her relationship with her husband who, in a bid to handle the issue became ‘busy’. What would become of her life and marriage?

No One Is A Nobody

Gideon became unhappy because some children were calling him names in class. “Why do I look like this?” He wondered.

He had to learn that it is not what people think that matters but what you think about yourself. No one is a nobody.

********** Learn about self-esteem and how to handle bullies in this interesting book No One Is A Nobody.

Nike and the Stranger

Nike, the limping beauty would have been kidnapped by a stranger but for the timely arrival of her mother. This was a wake-up call to her parents and even her school proprietress, and they began to teach her how to be safe. 

********** Children will learn some tips on how to keep themselves safe from harm. Parents will also learn how they can protect their children in this book Nike and the stranger.

Love Fever

Experience the will of God and how to love your spouse in the intriguing, suspense-filled and heart-warming romance novel, LOVE FEVER.

Ladi never realized the enormity of hurt he unleashed on his wife Tosin until he stumbled on evidence about an HIV positive Joe – a manager in her office and her new found friend. Could they overcome the trauma that put to test the paternity of the baby in her womb…?

30 Things Husbands Do That Hurt Their Wives

30 THINGS HUSBANDS DO THAT HURT THEIR WIVES is a must-read book for both men and women, that lets men know the things that hurt women, what women really want and how they can have a mutually beneficial relationship. Grab your copy now and find out the secrets to a healthy marriage!

Greater Tomorrow

With a wonderful family and budding exceptional abilities, it never occurred to Osasere that something bad could happen in life but when an accident left her in a wheelchair, she quickly realised that even children must have determination and a positive attitude.

********** Children will learn the importance of having a positive attitude in this very interesting book Greater Tomorrow.

Marriage On Fire

Beauty’s trick worked when she got pregnant for Emeka and succeeded in snatching him from Jite.

Emeka did not mind being snatched because he knew how to be married and still stay single.

They were very happy on their wedding day. However, when they began to get pulled in different directions a few months into their marriage, they knew that the trick was on them. Their marriage was definitely on fire, and divorce seemed to be their only option … Or was it?

Learn how to handle a marriage in trouble, and infidelity, in this captivating and very inspiring romance novel – MARRIAGE ON FIRE.

The Forever Kind of Love

Mercy met Dayo and began to fall in love with him. he was the kind of man she had been praying to find and marry: a sober man, a man who says ‘Speak to me, Lord’. But was he the man who would still love her forty years
from now, unlike her father who abandoned his family? How could she be certain?

Dayo was ready for marriage but needed a woman who loved God and would love him, a virtuous woman. She must possess sound faith, values, and goals. But where could she be found?

Femi, a widower, had been given a second chance at love when he found Ibie and married her. The only thing giving him concern was his daughter’s attitude toward Ibie.

Ibie found a man to marry at the age of forty six and ten months after, gave birth to a set of twins. But the marriage came with two teenage step-children. Ibie had been nice and loving to them but Bola seemed determined to frustrate her efforts. What else should Ibie do?

Then Came You

Hurt and disappointed, Fuoma resolved to stay away from men and God.
And then came Bode who made her realise that God was mindful of her.

She accepted God’s love and found love.
He accepted God’s choice and found his wife.

You will experience the love and awesomeness of God, and how to make the right choice, in this captivating and very inspiring romance novel – THEN CAME YOU.

Real Answers, Real Quick! – for Singles

This book Real Answers, Real Quick! – for Singles gives answers to some of the numerous questions that the author has been asked about relationship, marriage, and parenting, to give sound and godly direction to those who need them.

People who are going through challenges and are confused about the will of God and what to do will find real answers real quick to the questions in their hearts, and as they put their trust in God and stand on His word, they will find rest for their souls.

My First Love

When, again, at the age of thirty five, Lisa encountered Mofe, her first love, she understood the giddy feeling she had heard a lot about, and when Mofe eventually became a Christian, her joy knew no bounds. When he chose another woman however, she thought all hope was lost for her but God was not through with her yet.

Through her relationship with Ayo, God was about to teach people not to follow the giddy feelings for their first love, but rather respect and remain committed to their relationship with their own spouses.

Learn how to handle your feelings for your first love,
an abusive relationship, and premarital sex, in this suspense-filled and very interesting romance novel – My First Love.

Love On The Pulpit

Teni couldn’t imagine herself marrying her neighbour’s nephew, moreso a preacher. She knew that such a man should be respected and seen as a man of God but that was as far as it could go for her – until she met Dave. He made her smile, feel, and think. But could they overcome the challenges of her past? And if so, what about Dave’s mother’s disapproval?

********** Experience a dramatic quest for perfection and ideals in searching for a suitable partner in this rich and romantic novel, Love on the Pulpit.

Rape & how to handle

Rape & how to handle it has been written to reach out to the bruised and the broken-hearted, and show how to recover from the traumatic experience.

It has also been written to understand what goes on in the mind of a typical male, the various reasons for rape, and to enlighten people about rape and its prevention, thus making our society a better place to live in.

30 Things Wives Do That Hurt Their Husbands

30 Things Wives do that Hurt Their Hu

Shadows from the Past

With faith in her heart and a new song in her mouth, Mary decided to step out of her present way of living into a new life with a new man, which shouldn’t be difficult to achieve since she had changed, but it seemed easier said than done as shadows from her past kept getting in the way of a new relationship.

Could she ever find a man to love her enough to marry her in spite of all that she had done? How could she be certain that Mike would not change his mind about her as John did?

Experience the kindness and power of God, and what to do about the past in a relationship in this heart-touching romance novel …… Shadows From the Past

Too Much of a Good Thing

David desired more beautiful women even though he knew God’s words concerning adultery. “Well, God still loves me and uses me. No one is perfect. I’m sure He will understand and forgive me.” He assured himself. He was right but there was another truth he knew but forgot – sin has consequences! He could choose to deny or confess his mistake. Which would he choose?

His wife began to teach her son early about the ways of God, and how to stay away from the three things that could easily destroy leaders: wine, women, and power.

You will learn many things from this book Too Much of a Good Thing, including how to avoid temptations.

You Found Me

When Sam was helping Ann, he did not know that he was really helping himself until he fell in love with her. But what did he have to offer her? And did he have a chance when at least three other men were also interested in her?

Ann was also aware of this dilemma and she began to pray, “Lord, reveal who these men are to me!” How would she know who the right man was?

Learn how to know the will of God in marriage and tips on how to have a good marriage in this interesting and suspense-filled novel, YOU FOUND ME.

God’s Words To Couples

God’s words to couples

God’s Words To Singles

God’s words to singles has been written for your benefit as an unmarried man or woman. It is to remind you of God’s words and will for your life. It has also been written to give you direction and steer you towards maturity in the Lord.

What Changed You?

Michal’s love for David was no longer a secret, everyone knew about it including Saul, her father and when she had to choose between David and her father, she chose David.

But David had to leave her for some time. When he finally returned, he found an angry woman who had little love and patience for him. Confused, he wondered, ‘What changed you?

In this very interesting story, you will learn about some of the things that could cause marital problems, so you could avoid them.

Billy the Bully

Billy began to misbehave in school, bullying Gideon and others. He was about to learn that bullying is wrong, and what he was going through was not an excuse for bad behaviour.

Children will know about personal responsibility and how to handle bullying in this very interesting book – Billy the bully.

And parents will realise that two are better off than one because together they can work more effectively. Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person alone.

Joe and his stepmother, Bibi

Joe and his stepmother, Bibi – is the story of Joe Lawal, how he became a medical doctor, and why he gave his step-mother, Bibi, the gift of a car on Mother’s Day.

The Boy Who Stole

The Boy Who Stole is the story of a boy, Aaron, and how he discovered that stealing is very bad. Stealing brings shame and embarrassment, and has consequences.