January 28, 2018

New books







In this very interesting and life-changing novel LIFE GOES ON, you will realise that God is fully committed to your success, and suicide is not the right solution,  it should not even be an option!



In this very interesting novel, Shipwrecked With You you will understand the true meaning of the Bible verse: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.

Lola did not give Bori a child but she gave him peace, prayer, and support. However, when things became better for him, he decided to cheat on her with her staff, Aneh.
Now that Aneh was pregnant, what should she do?
What should Bori do?
And what should Lola do?
That was before Lola became pregnant.
You will learn the power of prayer, choices, forgiveness, and God, in this very interesting novel – The Sea of Regret

THE ONE FOR ME – a novel.

Blessing, a widow with a child was not in a hurry to bind herself to a man after the bad experiences she had in her first marriage.

Kenny had also had his fair share of life’s challenges and depended more on God, only for love to spring a surprise on them when they least expected it.

Each believed that the other was the right one but how would they convince Kenny’s mother about it?


You will learn how to know who the right one is, about proper parenting, the power of prayer, and the power of love in this captivating and very inspiring romance novel – THE ONE FOR ME.

This book REAL ANSWERS, REAL QUICK! – for couples, gives answers to some of the numerous questions that the author has been asked about marriage and parenting, to give sound and godly direction to those who need them. People who are going through challenges and are confused about the will of God and what to do will find real answers real quick to the questions in their hearts, and as they put their trust in God and stand on His word, they will find rest for their souls.

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